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Web Page Locked

Web Traffic Allotment Exceeded

The web page you have currently chosen to visit has been locked for exceeding monthly web space and transfer quotas placed upon the account. The page will become available again when either new limits are set for the account or the month comes to an end.

If you are a visitor to this site:
Please do not contact webmaster@texas.net concerning this site. This site isn't maintained by Texas. It does not involve Texas.Net web site administrators in any way. The web site will be viewable again when one of the above conditions is met.

If you are the owner of this site:
To view your current web quota and transfer status, limits, and options, please go to our Account Maintenance area. You will need to have access to your login name and password to view this area.

If you have any questions, please feel free to fill out one of our Trouble Ticket and we will assist you immediately.


cybercop screenshots

Die Seiten wurden direkt von MS-Word konvertiert, so daß es innerhalb der Dokumente keine Querverweise gibt.


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