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fixing racoon for osx 10.3.x

most of the info to create a _working_ racoon binary for osx was taken from,(local copy) only the diff from the same page did not work for me, but anyway, here's the stuff:

original kame source: racoon-20040818a.tar.gz
my diff: racoon-20040818a-mosx-10.diff
which should produce this: racoon-20040818a-mosx-10.tar.gz
(the files should have at least one hole in them and were thus removed, 20080214)

get the netkey/key_debug.h and netkey/key_var.h from a FreeBSD (I took them from 4.10-stable) and put them onto your osx box.

to compile, unpack, goto racoon-XXXXXX/libipsec, do a
(cd ../racoon ; ./configure --host=FreeBSD)
(cd ../.. ; patch -p1 < racoon-20040818a-mosx-10.3.diff)
cd ../racoon
sudo mv /usr/sbin/racoon /usr/sbin/racoon-original-mosx-10.3.broken
sudo chmod 000 /usr/sbin/racoon-original-mosx-10.3.broken
strip racoon
sudo cp racoon /usr/sbin

for people who believe this is too much work and who would trust a binary racoon.gz upload on the wiki, just download, unzip and (as root) copy it to /usr/sbin.
md5: racoon.gz.md5

but don't worry, 10.4 is approaching and racoon probably is still b0rken and needs to be rebuilt again..

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