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changing grammars

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transmedien forum at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (University of fine Arts Hamburg)
[german version]

changing grammars - a live audio programming symposium
Thurs, 12th Feb - Sat. 14th Feb 2004

Some computer languages allow changing a running process on the fly by rewriting
the code that defines it. Applied to computer music this means that one can
write sound compositions while they are already playing.

This meeting will focus on collaborative process of live programming in computer networks.
We will also discuss the implications of programming language seen not mainly
as a tool to create programs that can then be used to produce sound, but in its potential
to immediately form the changing grammar of sounds.

Moving away from the idea of the program as a tool towards the idea of code
as conversation, a scientific and poetic discourse about acoustic phaenomena,
their perception and their description.

materials changing grammars

Thursday 12th:

Friday 13th:

Saturday: 14th:
location: Hamburger Botschaft(betalounge) from 13:00

The Meetingis organized by Julian Rohrhuber and Renate Wieser, with financial help by Transmedien and Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg.

There will be talks by Julian Rohrhuber, Adrian Ward, Alex McLean, Alberto de Campo and Nick Collins.
special guests: Frederik Olofsson, Sekhar Ramacrishnan, Martin Carlé.

this is a transmedien forum / symposium, with support by Labor für Akustik und Zeitbild.


On day one we will most probably play unplugged (i.e. through internal speakers)
which has proved to be limiting though very suitable. As the number of available
computers is limited, please bring your own if you can.
The workshop is open to the interested public, the public introduction and the
concert will be suited for people who don't want to go too much into into details.

If you wish to join, please contact Julian Rohrhuber (jrh)


Hochschule für bildende Künste
Lerchenfeld 2
22081 Hamburg
(U2 - Mundsburg)
kleiner Hörsaal

how to get there

Tel. ++49 428989 - 0

beta lounge,
at hamburger botschaft (every saturday, from 17:00 - 23:00)

sternstrasse 67, 20357 hamburg
Tel. +49 40 - 47 11 47 59
Fax +49 40 - 47 11 47 60

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