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first step: how to get this piece of code running?

Note: this is only for SuperCollider on Mac OS. For Linux see: first steps with supercollider on linux

1) Start a piece of code:
Select it and hit enter (not return)

2) Stop a the sound:
cmd-. (period)

if there are round parentheses like this:
... code ...


It usually means that you should evaluate everything between these at once.
You can double-click near to one of them and the proper selection will appear.

Other statements can often be evaluated line-by-line.

for example this piece of code:

c = { arg f=900;
	var x;
	x =;
	x * 0.1

c.set(\f, 400);
c.set(\f, 670);

would be used correctly by

In order to play sound the local server should be running.
you can start it by evaluating

or by using the boot button of the localserver GUI.

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