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PowerBuilder and CVS

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Power Builder will check for updates, easily download just those files, check diffs, and commit.

It works easily with :pserver: copies (anonymous ones), but you can't commit anything back to the repository from
a :pserver: copy.

To get PowerBuilder to work with SSH :ext: developer cvs

Get this



this is all explained if you run the app itself, but all you have to do to get it working is something like this:

mkdir ~/.MacOSX
echo "{" > ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist
echo "CVS_RSH=ssh;" >> !$
echo "DISPLAY=localhost;" >> !$
echo "SSH_ASKPASS="/Applications/";">> !$
echo "} " >> !$

then make sure to put SSHPassKey in /Applications ;)

then run it and do "Configure PB to use SSHPassKey" and exit. will be launched when PB tries to access stuff via CVS and prompt you for password in the GUI

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