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                             In Hamburg, there is a beautyful supercollider.
                             It has some huge rings under the city, the inner small one 
                             called DESY (now out of use),  PETRA and the largest is HERA.

                     \   <- p       / 
                      >~~~         /          ^ time
                     /    ~~~~    /           |
                    /         ~~~<            |
                   /              \            ---> space

Overgeneralized, here the scientists shoot electrons on neutrons (similar to an electron microscope), whereas in CERN (switzerland) the emphasis is on creating larger collisions between neutrons and trying to interpret the resulting huge data amounts by computing power.

see a homepage of a staff member of the
relativistic heavy Ion Collider,

Uploaded Image: supercollider3.gif

see also: Some people at harvard uni are accelerating information: The Information Supercollider (out of order)
and the strange tale of the secret supercollider
From the microsound list – music from the great big supercollider in the sky

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