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pädagogischen Gründen

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I know what you are talking about. A couple of years ago
I replaced my 286 by a cyrix 686 (167 Mhz). Few a few
months I used Windows.

My previous experience with Unix included a Sun. I recall
that one of the things that it did on start up was to
produce the twirling batton, where it shows
in sequence with the backspace, so it looks, well, like a
twirling batton.

Well, then I heard that one could get Unix for these PC
clones. Originally I went for Linux, but a friend told
me that FreeBSD was better.

So I went ahead to try and install it. For various reasons
(including not have the right CD's) it took a day to get
it to work.

But finally I got it installed. The first thing I saw was
the twirling batton. It just felt so good. At that point
I just knew that I had a REAL operating system on my computer.

A few more days, and I got X and dial up working. For
a few months longer, I would mostly use Windows, using
FreeBSD little by little. But after a short while I
completely changed where Windows was used occasionally.
Now I only use Windows to play Winnie the Pooh games and
such like.

Now Windows feels like a prison. FreeBSD is a really nice
OS to use. I use it at home and at work.


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