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hardware / software requirements

Abteilung fuer Ideologie

requirements by protocol:
  1. nfs : for presets / home
  2. dhcp / dns : for ip adress services / name services
  3. smtp / pop : for mail
  4. smb for win machines : for windows shared file access
  5. appletalk for mac machines : for mac shared file access
  6. file (general)
  7. swiki/www : for collaboration / docs ...
  8. php groupware : [for time planning]
  9. ntp : network time protocol
relaying stuff:
  1. firewall
  2. routers
  3. proxies
  4. junkbusters (advertisement filters)
the big picture

Uploaded Image: hardware.jpg

Software Requirements:

Intermapper (Netzwerkmanagement/Diagnose)
Norton Ghost (zum Festplattenkopieren) FAELLT AUS, es gibt replicator(1) fuer linux

hardware requirements:

30 x: 3 button PS/2 (rsrc friendlier than usb) mice
usb webcams/video2usb-interfaces
10 x active speakers

Anm.: mit Lehnhardt/Graff/... dringend entscheiden, ob sisco-switches "Massen"bestellung für uns sinnvoll, d.h.kostengünstig! r_k
4 Rechner (f.Außenstellen) als "Gateways" / lokale Proxies
7 Switches HP 2324
500m CAT-5-Kabel, Crimpzange, Stecker
10 hauppauge wintv fm usb