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system with os9 & osX

caveat: the new models available in the stores today do not support booting mac os 9 cd's anymore.

if you have a mac made before the change in the hardware, you could have a setup like this:

example for a 30 gig hard drive with 4 HFS+ partitions:

the first one for macos 9.1 (maybe 2-4 gigs)
the second for macosx (after always running out if disk space: 10 gigs)
the third to be the extra swap/scratch disk (tiny, 2 gigs is plenty)
the fourth for all your data (all the rest)

create the partitions with the macos9 cd, because it allows for smaller partitions than the macosx disk tool.

the first one is the one you will be using for working with macos9 booted.

the second is the bootdisk for macos x. if you're getting tired of macosx screwing up your macos9 system folder, you should copy it to the macosx partition soon after installing macosx (or even before). to have classic running smoothly, consider to use 9.22 for this purpose.

the third partition is supposed to become the extra memory storage. this make sense for two things:

Instructions on howto change the macosx swap to use another drive can be found at
the procedure is very easy, just about 3 steps)

the fourth partition will hold all your data, music or whatever you need the space for.

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