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HTTP Protocol

Hypertext Transfer Protocol

      The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is a TCP base client/server model. The client browser connect to server and send a request so after server get an understand request from client it will reply requirement to client. The client and the server will used Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) for communicate together.

Uniform Resource Locator
      Each resource on the web must have some thing for specific exactly location of them. It is called Uniform Resource Location (URL). The URL point to exactly object on the internet
Example for URL

      The "http" is a string force to used Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Following "://" is the URL is the HTTP server hosts and directory path file name on the remote server. If the URL has not specific file name the server will return default resource file.
      So the client will connect to host name "" on port number 80, default port for HTTP protocol and need file name "project.html" in directory "project".


      Request is a message sended from client to server for need some action from server. In HTTP protocol the request have 2 format request are

Example for Simeple request

      Above example is a GET request method for get resource name "project.html" follow request method must follow by a space and specific resource name and space and specific protocol version and follow by CRLF.

Example for Full request

Above example is a GET request for full request. The different of simple and full request is the extra information. The full request will attach some extra information to HTTP server but simple request not.


    The GET method used for retrieve information from the HTTP server.

    The HEAD method is like GET method except the server must not return any content of URL in the response.     POST
    The POST method is used to send data from client browser to HTTP server.


      After HTTP server get request and interpred it. The server must respond to client. The server can response to client in 2 way are.

      If server got simple request from client, it must return simple response to client but if it got full request from client, it must return full response to client.
      The response is compound of 3 digits interget number and some of text message for user at client.

Example for HTTP protocol

      Suppose have 2 machine called "" and "". The docsavage machine is a web server and CS130 machine need to get a resource from docsavage.

        C -> S : Established connection from CS130 machine to docsavage
        C -> S : GET / HTTP/1.0
        C <- S : HTTP/1.1 200 OK
                 Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 06:10:13 GMT
                 Server: Apache/1.2.0
                 Last-Modified: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 04:16:24 G> 

Transfer interrupted!

ontent-Length: 1460 Accept-Ranges: bytes Connection: close Content-Type: text/html < HTML > < HEAD > < TITLE >Burapha Linux Server < /TITLE > < /HEAD > < BODY background="images/sand.gif" > < BR > < BR > < CENTER > < IMG SRC="./images/title1.jpg" border=0 > < /CENTER > < BR > < BR > < BR > < CENTER > < TABLE BORDER=3 > < TR > < TD > < IMG SRC = "./images/anigbook.gif" > < /TD > < TD >Registration < /TD > < /TR > < TR > < TD > < IMG SRC = "./images/anigbook.gif" > < /TD > < TD > < A HREF="./science.html">science < /A > < /TD > < /TR > < TR > < TD > < IMG SRC = "./images/anigbook.gif" > < /TD > < TD > < A HREF="./engineer.html" >engineer < /A > < /TD > < /TR > < TR > < TD > < IMG SRC = "./images/anigbook.gif" > < /TD > < TD > < A HREF="./nurse.html" >nurse < /A > < /TD > < /TR> < /TABLE > < BR > < IMG SRC = "images/linux-pe.gif" > < /CENTER > < /BODY > < /HTML > C <- S : Close connection.

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