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What is Lan?

John's explanations are good, but no accurate...

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John Dickens wrote:
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>Naomi wrote:
>> Hi,this is Naomi.I have few questions to ask.
>> 1.What's the meaning of server?
>> 2.What's the meaning of client in the internet?
>> 3.What's the meaning of protocol?
>> 4.What's the meaning of LAN?
>> 5.What's the meaning of plug-ins?
>> 6.Can you explain the term of "virus"?

>1 - a server is a big shiny fast computer that routs(send & receive)your
>internet searches and downloads. you pay them for this privilege and
>they hopefully keep you connected.

A server is a logical entity that offers a service to a client
upon request. It doesn't matter what kind of hardware a server
runs on; any computer can become a server as long as it runs
a server program.

>2 - dunno...maybe its you and me in relation to the server?(i.e.

A client is a logical entiry (process) that requests a server for
a service.

Since both a server and a client are only logical entities, a
computer run may run both, either, or neither of them. It is possible
that both the server and a client of a particular service reside on
the same computer.

For example, if you read your mail with such a program as Pine
and your network configuration is very small, your computer runs
both the POP server and a POP client on the same host.

>3 - a protocol is code that allows computers of different types to
>communicate with eachother.

A protocol is a set of rules or a language that two entities use
to talk to (or exchnage information with) each other. Code may
implement a protocol, but the code itself is not a protocol.


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