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well. well.well. I guess we infiltrated the sythem now, lets hit the road!

never in the time of dwarfs and elves, I have seen such a delicious feast, as I see it now in this little hobbit garden party

Do you ve ever seen the ding of a hobbit?
are they supposed to have one?
What are thee talking about. Their dingeling is as big as the magic stick of gandalf the magician. the stick is thick. You can come as many times as you wish. You better believe it!!!!!!!!!!
I would guessed now that their salty potatoes are similar in the height of their sloppy feet!

no, but their würstchen are as hairy as their feet: I heard people say, that birds use them as nests
Oh yeah,thats the right stuff for a chick like me!
I shot Andy Warhol thirty years ago, when I was a psycho feminist!!! And now I will shoot John Malkovitch for Being John Malkovitch! And then I shoot Bambi
You crazy psyco-alcoholic-Lsd-dope-coka-strawberry-junkee,how you get to shoot bambi? As the murderer of jfk i tell you who is to shoot next!! will you be my psycoassasinatorslave?

Hell yeah!!! But only under one condition!!! Which is : MMhm?! Well....äh....I ashamed to say, but lets spit it out, only if you have a plastic surgery and put a dileling like the hobbit in place of your crotch
Herr Kretzer hat uns über die schulter gekuckt und gesagt wir würden nicht arbeiten, aber das stimmt nicht1
Im Ernst Jetzt

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