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HyperCard ist sozusagern der Methusalem der
Hypertext-Anwendungen. Obwohl es mittlerweile
veraltet ist , hat es immer noch eine treue Anhängerschaft !

"These days, hypertext and hypermedia are commonplace
concepts. Engines to create custom software are a dime a dozen.
And everyone's doing visual design of the user interface.
It all seems almost ordinary. Surely these ideas must have been
around forever. But they haven't been.
There was a program that first brought usable hypermedia
to personal computers, that introduced a development environment
that was of interest to skilled programmers but could also be used
by novices (teachers, students, insurance brokers, firefighters,
booksellers...), that extended the promise of "the computer for the
rest of us" to include "...and which the rest of us can program".
Before the NeXT Interface Builder, before Visual Basic, before
the World Wide Web...there was HyperCard."

HyperCard Player Download

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