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SC3 on osX >= 10.3, G3

How to build SC3 for G3 on Tiger with Xcode 2.1 developer tools installed:

In type:
 sudo /usr/sbin/gcc_select 3.3
because gcc 4 is not compatible with CPUs below G4 (actually it is, but "auto vectorization" optimization is not suitable for usage on G3)
anyway also necessary (see "README-IF-USING-XCODE-2.1.txt" by jmc):
 defaults write UsePerConfigurationBuildLocations NO
(re-)install libsndfile (maybe just "make distclean" first in existing libsndfile-directory, then configure, make etc, see enclosed INSTALL text).
Once you have the SC source code via CVS (see here or
don't run "" but
open the 3 pbproj files in Xcode instead,
let it change and save them to xcodeproj files, as proposed by default.
Do not change any references to libstdc++.a
Just select the "Project" menu, choose "Deployment" under "Set Active Build Configuration" for each of the three projects before clicking the hammer (Build) icon (first xSC3synth, then xSC3plugins, last xSC3lang, as we all know).
Good old "distro" script will create an "SuperCollider_f" directory.

mail of swittwer to the sc-users mailinglist slightly formated by till