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Message 'new' not understood.

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error dump

Message 'new' not understood.

Instance of Array {    (01D98B28, gc=80, fmt=01, flg=81, set=00)
		arg this = nil
		arg selector = 'new'
		arg args = [0]

how to cause it:

if you try to create an instance of  a nonexisting class,
this error appears. 
the interpreter looks up for a Metaclass of that name which is nil.

how to avoid it, if known

you have to find out what class you are missing which can be not so trivial,
as you don't know its name. Look into the method definition where the error
occurred and see what classes are created there with .new. one of these
might be missing in the library you are using, for example because the author
forgot to include it or you are missing the library altogether.

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