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Impulse Web

A Network Music Workshop in the Center for Contemporary Arts (Jeleni SC Group)

here our first step after a general computer language introduction:
the most simple sound function in sc
all of the code was done in a 'watch relax and programm manner', so there is
some improvisation. There are further versions online, that allowed us
to have a chat while going along.{
	p =,0);


//impulse network part (start first, before synthesis)
var nodes;
nodes = OSCNode.tree([
	[\hello, { "hello you".postln; }  ],
	[\click, { p.gate }  ]
]);, nodes);

n = [\julian, \john, \ianmike, \pavellloyd, \free];
x = ["", "","","",""];
x = x.collect({ arg ip;, ip);
f = { arg who, message;;

f.value(\julian, "/hello");

authors so far:
jeleni, jrh

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