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technical infos

launch date1 November 2001
orbitsun-synchronous, circular
average altitude 630 km
inclination 91.04
eccentricity 0.0123
argument of perigee 88.93
cycle 14 days
orbit period 100 minutes
satellite mass 2500 kg
scientific payload mass 450 kg
artistic prepayload mass 650 kg
attitude control orbital, triaxial, active
data transfer rate 2 Mbits/s
down-link frequency 8192 MHz
encode rate 32 kbps
design lifetime many years
launched from Hamburg
carrier Zenit
Power (average per day) not less than 1 500 W

Onboard Systems:

  1. Scanning TV-sensor with on-board data recording system for global coverage mode
  2. Scanning TV-sensor for automatic data transmission mode
  3. IR-radiometer for global coverage and direct data transmission modes
  4. Scanning 16-channel MIDI-radiometer
  5. Radiation Measuring System
  6. Radiochannel
  7. air conditioner
  8. fun sensors ( multi-spectral )
  9. parrot relay via babelfish
  10. automatic wavelength changer
  11. brown motion generator and deflector
  12. nonsense shield ( 4th cascaded styled )
  13. drainpipe ( multifunctional )


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