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english version, adaption oct 04


(also: 'Institute for T.')

from gr. 'tele':'in the distance, far, far away' or 'telos':'End, Aim'
and gr. 'nautike':'Art of Navigation'
(see also 'navigation', 'nautilus', 'nemo'
as well as 'telematics', 'telepresence', 'telekinetics', 'telephone')

Furthers the idea of a happy science

Is a scientific discipline
- in the area of the connection of acoustic, visual, textual, local and global events

Is a principle of artistic collaboration
- works on the base of minimal consensus
- generates results in real-time and publicly

Is a fictitious institute
- allows for independence in definition
- can re-define itself at any time

Is a mixed media area
- creates more or less absurd contentwise or technical connections
- navigates data packets of all kinds securely through the web

directs its view from the near to the distance and projects the distance into the near

Ist based in the workshop 'Mixed Media', Academy of fine Arts, Hamburg, Germany

publishes scientific results and processes at

Author: Ulf Freyhoff
born 1964
Studied Computer Science, art history, educational science, art teacher
diploma fine arts hamburg 1997
Since 1998 teacher for special tasks 'mixed media' at the Academy of fine Arts, Hamburg, Germany


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