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con -with / together > communication

Tour -ride / travel > experience

contour -line / shape / borders
(physical, cultural, social, linguistically) > clarity

= conTour

conTour]a[ -work in progress:

The ride on the bus from Hamburg to Paris is an integral constituent of the artistic process.
The artwork, which is produced on the journey, brought from Hamburg and assembled in Paris will be shown there during the whole exhibition in the space of 'Technoplus' .
Due to the quite different artistic approaches, materials and manners of presentation we expect a creative exchange between the group members.

Contentwise focuses:
1. drawish, graphic and data recording of the travel and transformation of the such won material into an artistic form / media representation
2. Work on the subject of crossing the (no longer existing) borders (Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France)
3. Occupation with linguistic differences / shifts

conTour]x[ -media:

Drawing, video, audio, installation, interaction, locally specific performative interventions
during the journey and locally in Paris: Documentation / production in the broadest sense

conTour]b[ -strategies of self-organized spaces for art and culture:

Among the participants of the project are representatives of independent cultural spaces in Hamburg. There is an interest to get acquainted with similar projects in Paris to further exchange and establish contacts. This will take place in the context of lectures and public discussions.

The bus as a mobile work space enables a flexible integration of the approaches mentioned. It is at the same time an independent space and starting point of the artistic process.

conTour]c[ - product

The project conTour is documented already in detail on the web (http:/Institut/70). The work on this Web Site will be continued up to the termination of the project and can serve in this way as a base for production of a CDRom or a possible catalog.
Live transfers of video and audio events in co-operation with institutions along the way (among other places in Rotterdam, Brussels) and at the destination Paris are planned and prepared with already known contact people.
In Paris there will be two evening events: a lecture meeting - see (b) and a concert-like event in the space of ' Technoplus ' and in the bus parked in front of it.


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