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wie man den swiki nutzen kann

jede seite kann ganz einfach editiert werden.
rechts oben den editknopf drücken (zettel mit stift)
irgendwo in der seite text reinschreiben,
oder einen link machen:
text in sternchen eingeben, saven,
auf der seite hinter den sternchen ist jetzt ein creatbutten,
der eine neue leere seite öffnet.
das wars schon!

The nice thing about the swiki pages is that you can contribute easily, using plain text,
with some simple optional formatting rules, or alternatively html code.
Everything can be undone and page titles can be changed anytime without messing up the link system.

The good thing is that there are only few possible mistakes,
almost all of which are summarized below under Problems.

you can:

write text / code directly into an existing page
create a new page and write into that one
upload a supercollider file or an html page and just create a link shortcut to it (for sc files add .txt to the name, so they can be viewed in the browser)
upload an archive, images, sounds etc.
create a link to your own server or other links of interest
if you have contributed something, you can
add a link to recent submissions, so one easily knows that there is something new
add your name to the contacts page, or create a page for yourself to link to


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