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Termine und Programm

artgenda opens friday, 7th (6 p.m. in the townhall)
ends friday, 20th (with artgenda by night)

Schedule for Does-a-line-lie:

general: from friday, 7th until sunday 23rd our home base will be at the
Künstlerhaus Hamburg, Weidenallee 10B
(it is a gallery administrated by hamburg artists who during artgenda place it to our disposal)
'home base' shall mean: for everybody concerned with the project this is a place for work/communication/relaxing(=garden!)/exhibiting
/siesta/privacy/football etc.pp
[a ground plan is coming soon!]

It is supposed to be open to the public daily between 5 and 8 p.m.
(we try to find someone to make a low-budget-bar-service there)

Via leaflets and a post box information on every current outdoor action
shall be available 24 hours/day.

daily schedule:

monday 3rd: arrival of the artists in hamburg

3rd - 6th: preparation for the weidenallee;
several trips & outings & excursions within the
Does-a-line-lie?-group shall take place, purpose: warming up
e.g.: drawing afternoons in twos in the houses of people from hamburg, in cafes, wherever; drawing-music-swimming at the beach of the dune of boberg (hamburg)...whatever we want!

friday 7th moving into the Weidenallee premises

sunday 9th 5 - 9 p.m. public event: distribution of road maps which show the way to the scenes of the preceding days: on-site inspections of the drawings

monday 10th 5 - 9 p.m. (public event): on-site inspection at the weidenallee

tuesday 11th 5 - 9 p.m. (public event): on-site inspection at the weidenallee

saturday 15th,
sunday 16th 5 p.m. - open end, (public event): home base weidenallee, exhibition of the preparatory results

thursday 20th 11 p.m. artgenda by night, Zoologisches Museum: presentation of the book dummy

= these dates are in the official artgenda-programm which will be printed for the public!

actions, (to be arranged in the schedule):


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