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OOP Lang V

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Object-oriented extension of VDM-SL. "Object-Oriented
Specification in VDM++", in Object Oriented Specification Case Studies, K.
Lano et al eds, P-H 1993.


A Smalltalk extension for computer algebra. "An Object Oriented
Approach to Algebra System Design", K. Abdali et al, in Symp Symb Alg
Manip, ACM 1986, pp.24-30.


VODAK Model Language. Language for extensible object-oriented
database. "Object-Oriented Modeling for Hypermedia Systems Using the
Object-Oriented VODAK Model Language (VML)" Wolfgang Klas et al, in Object-
Oriented Database Management Systems, NATO ASI Series, Springer 1993.


Very Simple Prolog+. [?]

Wayne Ratliff ca. 1980. CP/M port of JPLDIS which evolved into dBASE

The dBASE-like interpreter and compiler sold by RSPI with their
Emerald Bay product. [same as 1?]

Early string manipulation language. "VULCAN - A String Handling
Language with Dynamic Storage Control", E.P. Storm et al, Proc FJCC 37,
AFIPS (Fall 1970).

Kahn et al, Xerox PARC. Concurrent object orientation and logic
programming. An object-oriented preprocessor for FCP. "Vulcan: Logical
Concurrent Objects", K. Kahn et al in Research Directions in Object-
Oriented Programming, A.B. Shriver et al eds, MIT Press 1987.

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