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OOP Lang T

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OOP Lang T


The EuLisp Object System. The object-oriented core of EuLisp.
Incorporates ideas from CLOS, ObjVLisp and OakLisp. Total merging of types
with classes, and message-passing with normal function application. (See

Pascal-based AI language. "Design Rationale for TELOS, a Pascal-based
AI Language", Travis et al, SIGPLAN Notices 12(8) (Aug 1977).


Early object-oriented language. Supported multiple inheritance
and overriding of operations. "Traits: An Approach to Multiple-Inheritance
Subclassing", G. CUrry er al, ACM SIGOA Conf on Office Automation Systems,


(formerly named OWL). DEC. Object-oriented, with static type-
checking and encapsulation. "An Introduction to Trellis/OWL", C. Schaffert
et al, OOPSLA 1986. "Trellis Object-Based Environment Language Reference
Manual", C. Schaffert et al, DEC-TR-372, DEC OSG, Hudson, MA (Nov 1985).
Info: Jerry Smith
TNT system

Tuple Space Smalltalk

"Using Tuple Space Communication in Distributed
Object-Oriented Languages", S. Matsuoka et al, SIGPLAN Notices 23(11):276-
284 (Nov 1988).

Turbo Pascal

Borland Intl's Pascal. Perhaps the first integrated
development environment for MS-DOS.
Versions 1.0-3.0: standard Pascal with a few extensions
Versions 4.0 (1987) and 5.0: separate compilation
Version 5.5: object-oriented facilities
Version 6.0: Turbo Vision OOP library

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