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OOP Lang P

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OOP Lang P


Paradox Application Language. Language for Paradox, Borland's
relational database.

For the AVANCE distributed persistent OS. "PAL Reference Manual", M.
Ahlsen et al, SYSLAB WP-125, Stockholm 1987. "AVANCE: An Object Management
System", A. Bjornerstedt et al, SIGPLAN Notices 23(11):206-221 (OOPSLA '88)
(Nov 1988).

Object-oriented Prolog-like language. "Inheritance Hierarchy
Mechanism in Prolog", K. Akama, Proc Logic Prog '86, LNCS 264, Springer
1986, pp.12-21.

PDP Assembly Language. Assembly language for PDP-8 and PDP-11.

Pedagogic Algorithmic Language. "PAL - A Language for Teaching
Programming Linguistics", A. Evans Jr, Proc ACM 23rd Natl Conf,
Brandon/Systems Press (1968).


Parallel Systems Object Language. Object-oriented, supports
network and parallel computing. Modules, exceptions. "The Parasol
Programming Language", R. Jervis , Dr Dobbs J,
Oct 1993, pp.34-41.


Andrew Davison , then Imperial College now U
Melbourne. Object orientation plus parallel logic, built on top of
MacParlog. "Parlog++: A Parlog Object-Oriented Language", A. Davison,
Parlog Group, Imperial College 1988. Sold by PLP Ltd.

Pascal Plus

Jim Welsh & D. Bustard, Queens U, Belfast. Pascal with
extensions for object-oriented multiprogramming, uses an 'envelope'
construct for both packages and classes. "Pascal Plus - Another Language
for Modular Multiprogramming", J. Welsh et al, Soft Prac & Exp 9:947
(1979). "Sequential Program Structures", J. Welsh et al, P-H 1984, ISBN 0-


Constraint-based language, built on the object-oriented module of
Le-Lisp. "Pecos Reference Manual", ILOG, 1990. ILOG, 12 av Raspail, BP 7,
F94251 Gentilly, France.


Practical Extraction and Report Language. Larry Wall
An AWK-like interpreted language for scanning text and
printing formatted reports. Regular expression primitives, dynamically-
scoped variables and functions, extensible runtime libraries, exception
handling, packages. Version 5 adds nested data structures and object-
oriented features. "Programming Perl", Larry Wall et al, O'Reilly &
for Unix, MS-DOS, Amiga
for Sparc
for Mac
uucp: osu-cis


Object-oriented Prolog-like language. "PHOCUS: Production Rules,
Horn Clauses, Objects and Contexts in a Unification Based System", D. Chan
et al, Actes du Sem Prog et Logique, Tregastel (May 1987), pp.77-108.


Object orientation plus parallel logic, built on top of Parlog.
"Polka: A Parlog Object-Oriented Language", Andrew Davison
, TR, Parlog Group, Imperial College, London 1988.


Distributed language integrating classes with a parallel block
structure, including multiprocedures and fragments. "Operational Semantics
of a Distributed Object-Oriented Language and its Z Formal Specification",
M. Benveniste , TR532, IRISA/INRIA-Rennes.


Parallel Object-Oriented Language. Philips Research Labs, 1987.
Strongly typed, synchronous message passing, designed to run on DOOM (DOOM
 Decentralized Object-Oriented Machine). "POOL and DOOM: The Object-
Oriented Approach", J.K. Annot, PAM den Haan, in Parallel Computers,
Object-Oriented, Functional and Logic, P. Treleaven ed. "Issues in the
Design of a Parallel Object-Oriented Language", P. America, Formal Aspects
of Computing 1(4):366-411 (1989).


Latest in the line of POOL languages. "A Parallel Object-Oriented
Language with Inheritance and Subtyping", P. America et al, SIGPLAN Notices
25(10):161-168 (OOPSLA/ECOOP '90) (Oct 1990).


Object-oriented, concurrent, synchronous. Predecessor of POOL2.
"Definition of the Programming Language POOL-T", Esprit Project 415, Doc.
0091, Philips Research Labs, Eindhoven, Netherlands, June 1985.


An object-oriented extension of POPLOG. Available from Integral


A commercial object-oriented derivative of POP, used in the
Expert System MUSE. Cambridge Consultants.


Object-oriented logic language based on ObjVlisp. "Proposition
d'une Extension Objet Minimale pour Prolog", Actes du Sem Prog en Logique,
Tregastel (May 1987), pp.483-506.


J. van den Bos, Erasmus U, Rotterdam. A concurrent object-
oriented language with protocols, delegation, persistence and constraints.
"PROCOL - A Concurrent Object Language with Protocols, Delegation and
Constraints", J. van den Bos et al, Acta Informatica 28:511-538 (1991).


Phil Vasey, Logic Programming Associates. Prolog with object-
oriented features added. For MS-DOS and X-windows. "Prolog++: The Power
of Object-Oriented and Logic Programming", Christorpher D.S. Moss, A-W
1994, ISBN 0-20-156507-2. Distributed by AI Intl Ltd in England and
Quintus (800)542-1283.


Language with implicit parallelism. Functional, object-oriented.
J Parallel Dist Comp 12:202-212 (1991). Forthcoming TR from RADC. [?]


Quintus. An object-oriented Prolog.

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