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OOP Lang O

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OOP Lang O


("Object-Oriented"). Object-oriented database language used in the
Altair project. Implemented as an interpreter. GIP Altair, Versailles,
France. Francois Bancilhon et al, in Advances in Object-Oriented Database
Systems, K.R. Dittrich ed, LNCS 334, Springer 1988. (See CO2).


K. Lang and B. Perlmutter. A portable object-oriented Scheme,
syntactically a Scheme superset. Based on generic operations rather than
functions. Anonymous classes. "Oaklisp: An Object-Oriented Scheme with
First-Class Types", K. Lang et al, SIGPLAN Notices 21(11):30-37 (Nov 1986)
(OOPSLA '86).
Ftp: for Amiga

Object CHILL - "Object CHILL

An Object Oriented Language for Systems
Implementation", J. Winkler et al, ACM Comp Sci Conf 1992, pp.139-147.

Object Lisp

LMI. An object-oriented Lisp. "ObjectLISP User Manual", G.
Dreschere, LMI 1987.


A variant of LOGO with object-oriented extensions. Lexical
scope. Version 2.6, for the Mac. Paradigm Software
<> (617)576-7675.

Object Oberon

H. Moessenboeck & J. Templ, 1989. Adds classes and methods
to Oberon. "Object Oberon - An Object-Oriented Extension of Oberon", H.
Moessenboeck et al, ETH TR 109 (Apr 1990). "Object Oberon - A Modest
Object-Oriented Language", H. Moessenboeck & J. Templ, in Structured
Programming 10(4), 1989. (See Oberon-2).


Proposed object-oriented extension of CHILL. G. Diesl et
al, "Object-CHILL: The Road to Object Oriented Programming with CHILL",
CHILL - CCITT High Level Language, Prceedings of the 5th CHILL Conference,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 1990, pp.135-142.


Micro Focus. Largely compatible, but a subset of, the
proposed object-oriented COBOL standard. "Object-COBOL: Object Orientation
for Business", Raymond Obin, Micro Focus Press.

Object-Oriented Turing

R.C. Holt <>, U Toronto,
1991. Extension of Turing, and a replacement for Turing Plus. Imperative,
object-oriented, concurrent. Modules, classes, single inheritance,
processes, exception handling, optional machine-dependent programming.
Integrated environment under X windows. Described in "A Conceptual
Framework for Software Development", Mancoridis et al, eds, ACM SIGSCE
Conference, Feb 1993, Indianapolis. Versions for Sun4, MIPS, RS-6000, etc.
"Turing Reference Manual", 1992, ISBN 0-921598-15-7.
(demo version)
Info: <>


Object-oriented database language, part of Borland's MS-Windows
version of Paradox.

Object Pascal

Developed jointly by Apple Computer and Niklaus Wirth. An
object-oriented Pascal. "Object Pascal Report", Larry Tesler, Structured
Language World 9(3):10-17 (1985).

Objective C

Brad Cox, Productivity Products. An object-oriented superset
of ANSI C, incorporating many ideas from Smalltalk. Implemented as a
preprocessor for C. No operator overloading, no multiple inheritance, no
class variables. Does have run-time binding. Used as the system
programming language on the NeXT. "Object-Oriented Programming: An
Evolutionary Approach", Brad Cox, A-W 1986. Versions for MS-DOS, Macs,
VAX/VMS and Unix workstations. Language versions by Stepstone, NeXT and
GNU are slightly different. Stepstone Corp, (203) 426-1875.


1984. An object-oriented extension of Vlisp. Reflective
architecture. "Metaclasses are First Class: The ObjVlisp Model", P.
Cointe, SIGPLAN Notices 22(121):156-167 (Dec 1987) (OOPSLA '87).


Luca Cardelli, 1993. A distributed object-oriented scripting
language. Small, statically scoped, untyped, higher order, and concurrent.
State is local to an address space, while computation can migrate over the
network. The distributed computation mechanism is based on Modula-3
network objects.


Object-oriented extension to Prolog. Small, portable.
Info: Margaret McDougall, EdCAAD, Dept Arch, U Edinburgh, EH1 1JZ.


Fine-grained active object oriented design/programming language.
Part of the Diamonds project for software engineering on heterogeneous
distributed systems.
Info: Gary L. Craig <>


Prototype-based object-oriented language. Austria. "Type-Safe
Object-Oriented Programming with Prototypes - The Concept of Omega", G.
Blaschek, Structured Programming 12:217-225 (1991).


"Concurrency Introduction to an Object-Oriented Language System
Ondine", T. Ogihara et al, 3rd Natl Conf Record A-5-1, Japan Soc for Soft
Sci Tech, Japan 1986.


Object-oriented language for an inference system. LISP-like
appearance, but based on set theory. "Ontic: A Knowledge Representation
System for Mathematics", D.A. McAllester, MIT Press 1989.


Proposed object-oriented extension to CHILL. A. Scortese, "OO-
CHILL: Integrating the Object Pradigm Into CHILL", CHILL - CCITT High Level
Language, Prceedings of the 5th CHILL Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
March 1990, pp.127-133.


Object-Oriented Fortran. Data items can be grouped into objects,
which can be instantiated and executed in parallel. Available now for
Suns, Iris, iPSC, soon for nCUBE.


Object-oriented Turing.


Object oriented extension of Z. "Object Orientation in Z", S.
Stepney et al eds, Springer 1992.


Y. Ishikawa, Keio U, Yokohama. "A Concurrent Object-Oriented
Knowledge Representation Language Orient84/K", Y. Ishikawa et al, SIGPLAN
Notices 21(11):232-241 (OOPSLA '86) (Nov 1986).


Oregon State Conversational Aid to Research. Interactive numerical
calculations, vectors, matrices, complex arithmetic, string operations, for
CDC 3300. "OSCAR: A User's Manual with Examples", J.A. Baughman et al, CC,
Oregon State U.

Object-oriented language used in the COMANDOS Project. "OSCAR:
Programming Language Manual", TR, COMANDOS Project, Nov 1988.


Small object-oriented language intended for teaching.


Object-oriented Structured Query Language. Functional language,
superset of SQL, used in Hewlett-Packard's OpenODB database system.


U Saarbrucken. Object-oriented concurrent constraint language. Based
on constraint communication, a new form of asynchronous communication using
logic variables. Partial information about the values of variables is
imposed concurrently and incrementally. Supports higher order programming
and object-orientation including multiple inheritance. "Object-Oriented
Concurrent Constraint Programming in Oz", G. Smolka et al.

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