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OOP Lang N

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Charles Duff. An object-oriented extension of FORTH, for the Mac.
Inheritance, SANE floating point, system classes and objects for Mac
interfacing, overlays. Sold by Kriya Systems, 1985-1988. Modified, made
PD and renamed Yerk.

New Flavors

Symbolics. An object-oriented LISP, successor to Flavors,
led to CLOS. "Reference Guide to Symbolics-Lisp", Symbolics, March 1985.


(named after Isaac Newton (1642-1727)). Rapin et al, Swiss
Federal Inst Tech, Lausanne 1981. General purpose expression language,
syntactically ALGOL-like, with object-oriented and functional features and
a rich set of primitives for concurrency. Used for undergraduate teaching
at Lausanne (EPFL). "Procedural Objects in Newton", Ch. Rapin, SIGPLAN
Notices 24(9) (Sep 1989). "The Newton Language", Ch. Rapin et al, SIGPLAN
Notices 16(8):31-40 (Aug 1981). "Programming in Newton", Wuetrich and
Menu, EPFL 1982. Versions: Newton 2.6 for VAX/VMS and Newton 1.2 for DEC-
Info: J. Hulaas <>

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