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OOP Lang K

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Freeman-Benson <>, U Washington and
Universite de Nantes, 1989; U Victoria, 1992. Object-oriented language
which mixes imperative and constraint-oriented features. Similar to Siri.
Vaguely related to Prose[2]. "Kaleidoscope: Mixing Objects, Constraints
and Imperative Programming", B.N. Freeman-Benson, SIGPLAN Notices
25(10):77-88 (OOPSLA/ECOOP '90) (Oct 1990). "Constraint Imperative
Programming", B.N. Freeman-Benson, Ph.D. Thesis, TR 91-07-02, U Wash
(1991). "Constraint Imperative Programming", Freeman-Benson et al, IEEE
Conf on Comp Lang, Apr 1992. Versions: Kaleidoscope'90, Kaleidoscope'91,


A. Taivalsaari <>. Prototype-based object-oriented
system built around a threaded code interpreter. Semantically resembles
Self and Omega. Syntacically resembles Forth. TR DCS-197-19, U Victoria,
June 1992.

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