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OOP Lang G

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OOP Lang G


"G: A Functional Language with Generic Abstract Data Types", P.A.G.
Bailes, Computer Langs 12(2):69-94 (1987).

Oregon State U 1988. Combines functional, object-oriented,
relational, imperative and logic programming (you name it we got it). "The
Multiparadigm Language G", J. Placer, Computer Langs 16:235-258(1991).


Scripting language used in the object-oriented development
environment GainMomentum. Mentioned in Structured Rapid Prototyping, 1989
or Object-Oriented Rapid Prototyping, John L. Connell, Yourdon Press 1995.


Graph-Oriented Object Database. A graph manipulation language for
use as a database query language. "A Graph-Oriented Object Database
Model", M. Gyssens et al, Proc ACM Symp Princs of Database Sys, Mar 1990.

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