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what is a Stream?

Fish say, they have their stream and pond;

But is there anything beyond?

Rupert Brooke, Heaven(1913)

In SC a Stream is any Object that responds to 'next'.
To find out a more abstract explanation, the web provides us with noumerous explanations.
What it boils down to is: A stream is a datastructure that is serial and you can read from
and write to it. So in this definition there is no difference between an array and a stream.

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Stream – A general term for a body of flowing water; natural water course containing water at
least part of the year. In Hydrology, the term is generally applied to the water flowing in a natural
channel as distinct from a canal. More generally, as in the term Stream Gaging, it is applied to the
water flowing in any channel, natural or artificial.

Supercollider in this respect has many conceptual influences from
the music composition language 'Nyquist'.
see also side effect

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