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network protocol

a protocol is a set of rules of how to communicate.
in computer networks connectionless and connected protocols can be used.
The main problems that are addressed are address (space) and synchronicity (time).

the address usually is structures as a path, just like file paths.
the data runs through the network in packets that can arrive in any order,
which means if the order is important, like when the packets are parts of a larger
file that is sent, the packets must have an order number.
If there has to be a guarantee that all packets arrive, the connection state must be
controlled by sending special messages.

It is as if you were standing in the fog and talking to someone who you can't see.
If you need to be sure you get understood, there must be a way the other prson
can tell you that a sentence was understood, like saying "yes", "hm", "aha" or such.
if something wasn't understood, you can repeat that sentence.

A connectionless protocol (such as udp) is maybe more like playing music together in the fog.
You do not need to be sure that every sound you make really arrives. Only if you want to
talk about composition or musical rules you might have to switch to a connected protocol.

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