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Raul Ruiz

Mensch verstreut und Welt verkehrt / Utopia

El Cuerpo Repartido y el Mundo al Reves / Utopia
The Scattered Body and The World Upside Down / Utopia

Chile / Honduras / BR Deutschland, 1976
Produktionsfirma: Raul Ruiz / ZDF .
Erstaufführung: 1.7.1976 ZDF
Buch und Regie: Raul Ruiz'''
Produktionsleitung: Carlos Böker
Kamera: Sami Cafati - Ton; Norma Cafati - Schnitt: Valeria Sarmiento
DarstelIer: Fosi Bendek - Eduardo Barr - Eduardo Licorta - German Leitzelar - Saul Toro - Maura Fernandez - Nene Reyes - Norma Leitzelar - Alicia Fernandez - Virgilio Gnardiolo

Zwei Vertreter suchen in einer halb realen, halb erfundenen Welt einen verschwundenen Kollegen. Dabei begegnen sie immer wieder Menschen, die in Situationen leben, die sowohl gegen den gesunden Menschen-verstand als auch jede Tradition verstoßen. Ein spontaner, improvisierter Filrri, der Elemente des traditio-nellen lateinamerikanischen Melodrams mit der Form der Paya, der lateinamerikariischen Volksdichtung, verbindet. (FD)

Two travelling salesmen in Honduras are searching for the pieces of the body of a lost friend. Each time they find one, they meet a group of peasants practising isolated features of Utopian socialism. (FII-BFI)

Originally my film would have been called 'Utopia, notes on an expectation'. As an immigrant from Chile, I wanted to show my memories and my expectations of the future in an Utopian film, set in a Latin-American country. I went to search for a subject and found the other. At the first improvisations where we tried to imagine the ideal Latin-American world, the actors fell back on the traditional melodrama that one encounters in the cinema, but also on televisipn and in the streets of Latin-America. With long, static camera shots we satirized the superficial Latin-American movies, where the real time strikes as artificial because of the interruptions caused by the actors when they try to remember their lines. This applies in particular to the immortal serial of the Mexican tv: 'The brothers courage' or 'The courageous brothers' (about 400 episodes!) that are well known in whole Latin America; an encyclopaedia of the cult around the Latin-American man.

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